The Strongman’s Power Trap

Nina L. Khrushcheva Earlier this year, when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he was forming a 400,000-man national guard that would report only to him, many Russians wondered why a new military force was needed. After all, Russia's army was supposedly back: Putin had equipped it with new toys, and even arranged for two small wars – in Georgia in 2008 and in Ukraine, starting in 2014 – to prove it.

How Israel Is Losing America

International Opinion
Shlomo Ben-Ami The late American diplomat George Ball once argued that Israel needed to be saved from its own suicidal policies "in spite of herself." In a 1977 Foreign Affairs article, he called for an even-handed push by the United States for an Arab-Israeli peace. But, while Ball's realistic position on the Israel-Palestine conflict is not uncommon among US State Department officials, it has remained off-limits for America's political establishment, which has long upheld an almost sacred consensus on Israel – until now.

Rediscovering Fiscal Policy at the G7

Jeffrey Frankel As G7 leaders convene in Ise-Shima, Japan, the global economy's fragility is a top concern. But instead of focusing on currency wars, the leaders of the major developed economies should be discussing fiscal policy, which under current conditions would be a more powerful tool than monetary policy for boosting economic activity. After all, today, unlike in normal times, the effects of fiscal policy would not be limited by too-high interest rates, inadequate private demand, strict capacity constraints, or excessive inflation.

Enceguecidos por el ISIS

Shlomo Ben-Ami El consenso general que surgió luego de la masacre del mes pasado en París parece ser que sólo se puede derrotar al Estado Islámico (ISIS) con una invasión terrestre de su "estado".

El Expreso Copenhague-París

Lars Christian Lilleholt En 2009, cuando Copenhague fue la ciudad anfitriona de la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, estuve presente como miembro del parlamento con la sensación de ser testigo de un acontecimiento que cambiaría el mundo.

Terrorists and the Refugee Battleground

John Shattuck Europe and the United States should open their doors to Syrian and Iraqi refugees. They are the victims of the Islamic State and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's brutal regime. Terrorism has destroyed their homelands. Not only is offering them refuge the right thing to do; it is also good for our security.

El imperativo de controlar las infecciones letales para la infancia

Anita Zaidi En demasiados lugares del planeta los mayores agentes letales de la infancia son los organismos más pequeños: virus, bacterias y parásitos unicelulares causantes de la diarrea y la neumonía.